Our world is rapidly changing. It needs a church, rooted in scripture, orthodoxy and tradition; but fluent in the language and culture of the world today Wildwood UMC is focusing on forming faith communities especially for those who have never been involved in church (un-churched) or who have left the church (de-churched). But this doesn’t mean giving up on the established church. There is a great inheritance in the established church that can and must be passed along to future generations. In our commitment to make disciples, we have gone to the mission edges where new forms of church are flourishing in our community.
The following are Fresh Expressions that we are connected to through the Florida UMC Conference.  
Yoga Therapy Church is a group of seekers gathering to practice Amrit Yoga and explore Christian Scriptures to unlock the healing potential of our body, mind, and soul. Click here for more information. 
Tattoo Parlor Church is a community of seekers being the church in tattoo parlors. Some among us get faith-based tattoos as an outward sign of an inward grace. Get to know what God is doing by clicking here.