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Our world is rapidly changing. It needs a church, rooted in scripture, orthodoxy and tradition; but fluent in the language and culture of the world today Wildwood UMC is focusing on forming faith communities especially for those who have never been involved in church (un-churched) or who have left the church (de-churched). But this doesn’t mean giving up on the established church. There is a great inheritance in the established church that can and must be passed along to future generations. In our commitment to make disciples, we have gone to the mission edges where new forms of church are flourishing in our community.
We are a group of seekers gathering to practice Amrit Yoga and explore Christian Scriptures to unlock the healing potential of our body, mind, and soul.
Our bodies come equipped with the innate intelligence to heal ourselves. The body will naturally heal itself given the optimal conditions to do so. The body records everything; unresolved physical, mental, and emotional trauma can manifest in our muscles and joints disrupting healthy energy flow. This can lead to pain, dysfunction and accelerated deterioration. The practice of Yoga Therapy is about clearing the obstructions that block the healing process and help lead us to a higher connection to our Source.
Therapy is lead by Dr. Renee Ciofu,retired chiropractor from Michigan, and certified Amrit Yoga Therapy instructor by the Amrit Yoga Institute. Currently practicing under Florida Massage Therapy License MA 54748.
Yoga Therapy Church meets on Wednesday mornings at 11 am in the Fellowship Hall at Wildwood United Methodist Church.
Suggested donation of $5 will benefit Wildwood UMC for the use of their space.
Bring a yoga mat, block and strap if you have it. Some extras will be available. A water bottle will help in keeping you hydrated is recommended.
Paws of Praise is a Fresh Expression dedicated to bring together all animal lovers. We meet every Second and Fourth Saturday of the month from 9:30 to 11 am at Bark Park in Wildwood, FL to enjoy each other’s company, and share the a bible study while our furry family members enjoy the freedom and love of all. 
We welcome all to join us. Just bring some treats, and let’s allow our loved ones some time of praise to their creator! Follow us on our
Bible study group will be meeting now at Los Magueyes Mexican Restaurant (346 Shopping Center Dr, Wildwood, FL 34785). Join us every Sunday night from 6:30 pm–8:00 pm for burritos, fellowship, and lively conversation around the word of God. There is no need to be a Christian to attend. All are Welcome. Simply bring your appetite and questions. Chow!
Follow us on our 
Connect is a Fresh Expression born out of an idea to just create a place for children to come and build relationships. The idea is to come into a community that is not our own and be incarnational with the children. Hopefully in the meantime we will build those relationships with the parents too. We are looking for people who may have a skill or hobby that they would like to share. Maybe you just enjoy reading and you could spare an hour or so to read to a child. This is NOT an outreach program. We are not going in with a vision of giving anything away.
We would love to serve with you. We will meet the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month from 9:30am to 11:30am. We are still looking for donations:
Children’s Books (elementary and up)
Arts and Craft Supplies
Board Games
Outside Toys/Games (basketballs, portable hoops, footballs)
Paper Bowls/spoons
Plastic Bins
Please contact Jill Beck at
352-553-7489 or
for more information on where to deliver the donations to.